Thursday, June 29, 2006

Global Groove Network - Journal entry #1

March 28th

It’s been a hell of ride down here in South Beach. The world music conference was amazing. It showcased some of the best talent in the world behind the decks but there was something more to see and experience. The music, the energy, the emotional high that people were on, and the multi-cultural community that made up this infectious crowd spoke to me… and sure enough we were able to capture some of it on film.

This journey so far which takes me to LA next then around the world has opened my eyes. Of course you have vision going into a project but the way a documentary plays out the unexpected is something I enjoy embracing as a piece of the story. I have certainly had some good experiences and bad experiences on this trip but overall it’s been a great chapter in my life. You find who you are and who other people can be and that’s what gives us sensibility in life and helps us grow.

As an independent film maker with credit cards and a dream I look forward to the next year of filming. This story and the people it involves is about to begin and I hope to do them justice.

So long for now journal … I will be talking to you soon.