Friday, February 20, 2009

Is creativity seasonal?

February 18th 2009

The snow is coming down like cats and dogs as I sit by the window watching this winter wonderland come to life. It’s a new year with new goals and nothing inspires me more then a cold blanket of snow filling the streets below. Most people say that the cold is something that blinds creativity. The shorter days, the lack of interest in going outside and of course the gloom that people express emotionally in the winter tends to be a downer. This to me is not the case. I seem to play the game in reverse due to the fact that I find the sun and patio sessions the easiest distraction to get away from a computer screen. The winter I embrace, especially the months that follow the Christmas holidays. I find my creativity goes in cycles and this particular time between now and May is some of my best moments for giving birth to new and improved ideas. I think my reasoning behind my brain storming is I always feel like I’m beginning again with the new year and I can focus. I’ve usually made a conscious decision to change something in my life and I always aim to get a deadline on track. This year I decided to quit smoking which has been easier then I thought and I’m finally in the editing room with the 100’s of hours of footage in front of me ready to make a documentary. The only other time of year that gives me this kick start is September which I think is because of that school year mentality that we were programmed with. January and February tend be longer bursts of creativity for me then these particular months but it’s always nice to know where your head is at. Everyone is different I guess but one things is true for me, I’m truly embracing this moment.

So let me take you through my winter thus far and give you some thoughts and stories on what I’m up to with the world known as GGN. This has been a long process as I stated in my various entries and I’m finally coming up on the 3 year mark which will fall on March 24th. This date was my first visit to the Winter Music Conference in South Beach Miami when I decided to take a chance on an idea for a documentary. I remember it like yesterday and as I prepare myself for another adventure in a months time, I can’t believe I’ve managed to put together what I’ve done. Thanks to credit card money, bartending tips, film jobs, and random pick up work that most people would cringe at, this project is alive and well. This documentary has been financed by no big studio, no big bank, no private investor, and has a lot of blood sweat and tears put into it by myself as well as others who have been generous with their time when they can. My debt is in the 6 figures and it still has more to go to take it over the finish line in post production. I’m applying for a grant which comes up in May but there are no guarantees; it’s always a crap shoot. The only thing I can have faith in with this grant proposal is that we have put extra care into creating the GGN brand. The site has truly evolved over this 3 year time period and with what we have to offer in terms of content, style, and approach on the site, this will certainly give us a greater chance for consideration. The film will move forward nonetheless and as each image and storyline comes to life in the studio, I can’t help but be proud of what is coming together. The story has made such an evolution in its original concept. Beyond the sociology topics were examining, a history and examination in the progression of this scene as related to the world around us has come to life. This film is becoming more then just about electronic music; it’s a time capsule.

The internet has been a fascination of mine since we began this journey years ago. It has always given back in terms of allowing global communication through email and as we try and give back to the public with our site, we have been evolving our presentation. We want to be connected with our public and the Global Groove Network is just that, a network. Our main goal is to become a partner with several brands that have the same mission statement as us and help one another create awareness for this scene through unique avenues of broadcasting on line. Thus far, January has proven to be a great step in this direction and we have numerous people we are in talks with to create a stronger presence to our audience as well as just pool our resources to give back to a community we love. I feel when the film is done and we are ready to hit the film festival circuit, we will have a great opportunity to get the word out about this underground pleasure known as electronic music.

As for our television show we have currently switched sales agents in order to reach some new contacts in the television world. As the year was ending and the news from our original production partners was vague, we believed that maybe someone else might be a great approach. Thus far we feel it has been a good fit and VH1 finally is taking a look at our pilot and package with intent. My only concerns in this day and age have been what the audience wants which is not necessarily a show I’m looking to do… at least this is what some of the networks have been saying. Overall they think the pilot looks and feel’s great but because the demand for reality TV requires the STAKES element (think competition type shows) the public might not want to watch. I would like to think that some audiences out there have a brain but our culture seems to like to ingest the safe, mindless, emotionally charged type programming in this particular genre of television. I have a few ideas that I’m playing with when we meet with VH1 again next month but hopefully this avenue doesn’t need to be pursued. I like what we’ve done but as in life compromise sometimes becomes the only answer to achieve the objective. This will be quite an interesting couple of months.

Well a new update has been done to the site and I’m proud to say we have some great new content which includes an interview with Jon Rundell, Carl Cox’s prodigy, as well as some amazing mixes from both international d-jays like Andy Caldwell and Colette, along with some rising stars on the scene from Spain and Canada. I highly recommend you download the LIVE and DIRECT pod cast from DJ Jedi and Lenny Ibizarre. These mixes are a lot of fun and great to listen to at the gym, in the car, or a make shift dance party in your house.

Winter Music Conference is next and with a scheduled interview line with some great new d-jays and producers, the content will only continue to get better on the site as well as provide some exciting new extras for the documentary. Until we meet again… ARE YOU LISTENING?