Friday, October 17, 2008

Ibiza becomes a reality...

October 15th, 2008

We just past the half way point of the month I always look forward to, October. The reason for my passion for October is because it has been bookmarked for life as a special time within my existence. The two biggest passions in my life right now, my wife and this documentary project, both found their beginnings during this time. My wife and I met at a DJ Dan event at This Is London on October 6th two years ago and the year prior to that date, I decided to mortgage my life on the Global Groove Network idea. This year has been no different in its big puzzle pieces known as my life and since my last entry a lot has changed and progress has been the theme.

As the summer was winding down I had been in a stale mate position with playing the waiting game for television pilot pitching and working a second job to pay down debt while the documentary editing was just puttering along. I hadn’t had an opportunity to go out an interview people and get more of my ducks in order due to the fact I was working 50 hours a week, with a lot of nights in that mix, and also waiting patiently about Europe and financially planning my next step. As the last weeks of August sped up, as time always seems to do, I just made a pact with myself to stop waiting and get back to it. September is always that great time to focus once again. My mind always had that time remembered as the beginning of my school year and I wanted to be active mentally. The hard work of September would always pay off and give October a big moment in some way. This year was no different…

September involved interviews with Lee Burridge, Honey Dijon, reshoots, and the biggest score of them all… the green light for IBIZA. This trip was the icing on the cake and an experience I was able to capture on film and am truly excited about putting together and highlighting within the film as well as showcase on the site.

Ibiza involved several components which were a lot to accomplish for one person but I was up for the challenge. With only a week to plan and enough money to send just me, I had a lot of hats to wear and a long voyage overseas which lasted 24 hours, 2 planes, 2 buses, 7 hour lay-overs, rental cars with shitty maps, and 7 hour time differences that was just wonderful on my body. When I actually arrived on the island, stress was my first emotional moment I got to deal with. It took me a moment to adjust but finally after a hot shower, some cool Scottish folk’s hospitality, and a mini club in my hotel with great staff and cold beer, I was back on track…

The trip was a whirlwind lasting 4 days on the island which included the DJ Awards, up close and personal with Sander Klienenberg at Café Mambo and PACHA, a sunset at Café Del Mar, interviews with Richie Hawtan, Adam Beyer, Lenny Ibizarre, along with just culture intake and the most rejuvenating moment finishing the trip, the journey to the rocks of Atlantis. The experience was intense, eye opening, and a great chapter to this journey I’ve been on to accomplish this narrative chapter in my life.

As I began to look at the footage a week later after I got back, it just began to sink in that I got to do this. It’s hard to describe these kind of moments in your life because the stress of succeeding and accomplishing your goals. These goals are not really clear when you go to a strange land because of the element of chance creates a sense of doubt in your mind. Most of my moments were last minute green lights and the rest was just stories told to you of where to go. Would it be worth it? Would the gods help you out? I had a day where it rained and some how I still pulled out a sunset on film even though that was a day that might have been lost and a sunset might have not been in the cards. The gods gave that to me… at some point you start feeling fate is having a hand in this process.

The fall will be an interesting transition as October always seems to begin the cycle. With last minute interviews in place with big names like Carl Cox and an editing schedule that is picking up pace to wrap this project up; this will be an amazing close to 2008.