Friday, March 25, 2011

DAY 1825 …

Friday March 25th 2011

The week has come to a close and I’m finally at a point in the editing experience where I’m happy. Everyday we tend to be waste deep in content but as we organize it more and more it’s taking shape in a great way! The end of June looks good for our rough-cut finish but I don’t want to jinx it. Throughout the postproduction process I’ve had highs and lows with the people who have come and gone with me in the editing room. I’ve been fortunate enough that everyone who has contributed to GGN’s look and style have been amazing; we’ve grown together and we’ve learned how to present what GGN represents as a film, television show, and web presence. GGN has all of the components to make it run but the one thing that is the driver, the reason I started this so many years ago; it’s all about the music. The reason GGN began was because of how music affected me and I was looking to relive and experience it again. The d-jay culture in the nineties was something that felt like a music revolution with its youth. My memories that I’ve translated into this film have strong emotion attached to them. This is where I found myself at a critical time in my life when I needed guidance. Music was a buddy so to speak and helped me find a group of friends that helped to mold me in to the person I’ve become. Dance music is something that I listen to daily but that’s just the tip of my music catalogue choices. All genres, strong powerful voices, and great melodies are something I look for universally in my daily soundtrack. Music is on everyday in my house in the background and I feel I can’t think clearly unless I have something playing. It’s a drug when it wants to be. When I need a smile or a motivational push in the gym I know what tracks to reach for on my I-pod. As I write this very BLOG I’m tuned into the site listening to a great PODCAST from Cam Maxwell. Check it out in our download section ( ) along with hours of great mixes and talent from around the world… that will be my only shameless plug for my site in this journal entry… I promise.


It’s day 100 in the editing room and I’ve come to one of my favorite moments in the edit process, the music selection (who would of thought that?) Over the course of the last couple of months I’ve been going through my old collection of CDS that I bought like a mad man back in the nineties and early 2000. I-pods were the future and with a minor d-jay career as one of excuses to buy music, I went crazy at the stores and collected quite a bit of music that spanned a lot of genres. Clubs I worked at had a wide array of people to cater to so I had it all. The beauty of this fact is along the way during our partying days I bought a lot of classic house and great dance beats that were coming out at the time. I had a great place to start from.

As I went through the music and prepped for the next step in the editing room I was surprised at how many tracks indirectly over the years were moments of inspiration through this process. Creatively tackling a big project like this I’ve had a constant flow of moments that just happen out of things you don’t plan or think of until you have a trigger. Music is the constant trigger for me when it comes to this film… I don’t think one scene in this film has not evolved out of a moment from my mind and music library coordinating in some sort of way. Take for instance today… BIG LOVE by Pete Heller was the driving force to write this BLOG. I had no intention of adding a journal entry but as I did my daily scan of you tube for music I remembered a memory at LIMELIGHT night club in Toronto where Wednesday nights were the ultimate house music party. The third floor hosted an old school house party that the East Side gang would attend regularly as a part of our rotation of club outings. For whatever reason BIG LOVE came to mind and here we are.


I highly recommend you take this moment for yourself and maybe reflect on a 6 pack of songs from your past that bring you fond memories. The workday, the family responsibilities, anything that is affecting you in an overwhelming way; take a breath… load up … and find a song that brings you what you need in that moment.

As I continue my edit today I’ve pulled a solid 6 pack to review with the footage I’m working with… I’ve created a CLASSIC TRACK OF THE DAY for our fan page that reflects music that has inspired the film. If you have a dance track you would like to share I’m always looking for some memory recall.

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Until we meet again… Are you listening?