Monday, October 28, 2013

THE GGN JOURNALS - An END of an ERA.. The START of something NEW. Thank you Footwork & Hatiras!

It’s been quite some time since my last entry. The summer of 2013 has come and gone and I’ve been quite busy with life in general. I was working long hours over the course of the summer in the film and television industry in Toronto and managed to find some time to decompress and figure out some things. You forget how fast time can fly by and it’s usually big moments that wake you up and remind yourself how far you’ve come. My moment happened this fall when I heard about the closing of a dance music institution that I was quite fond of, Footwork Nightclub. As a film maker and party patron, I had the opportunity to get to know the people who ran this special venue and was able to capture moments of magic for my DOC from inside it’s walls. This underground hot spot showcased some of the biggest names in the EDM scene today, put the spotlight on the rising stars of tomorrow, give a place for Toronto’s own home grown EDM talent to blossom, and still manage to keep its underground status of unique dance beat bookings, which people always seemed to appreciate. The club was intimate, family like with its regulars, and provided the city of TO with almost 10 years of memories for its patrons as well as a stellar global reputation for it’s international travelers. Footwork has officially closed its doors as of last week and I can’t help but be thankful I got to be a part of its club history. I wanted to write this journal entry with a big Thank you in mind to the Footwork family, specifically Joel and Stephan, for all of their support and contributions to the Global Groove Network and its evolution the last 7 years. I feel as they evolve and move on to new endeavors in club culture, I’m gearing up for a similar evolution in the Global Groove Network experience. The countdown is officially on for the Global Groove Network’s release to the public in January on ITUNES. Along with the release of the DOC we have some exciting colloborations planned with artists from the film. Our first project will involve Canada’s own Juno winning EDM producer Hatiras and his latest concept album releasing in the New Year. The album was conceived in the spirit of evolution, emotional change, and growing as an artist. When I first listened to the album it surprised me in a great way. I feel like it’s something original in nature, something of influence from the 70s era of concept albums. It almost feels like Pink Floyd with an electronic flare. The album explores the 80s much like Depeche Mode and New Order did with its electronic synths. You could also say it’s reminiscent of other EDM conceptual pieces like HOMEWORK by Daft Punk or FatBoy Slim’s BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY in the 90s. To see this producer evolve and get to be part of the visual side of things is an exciting new direction for myself, and the Global Groove Network experience. I cannot wait to show you what we’re up to in the coming months! I’m also planning on doing some upcoming DOC episodes next year on the web with other big international talents from the film and new people I’m always discovering from the emails that are sent to me on a daily basis. The Global Groove Network is about how music shapes our identity and as we all build that soundtrack to our lives, my goal as a filmmaker is to showcase the visual side and inner workings of EDM culture in 2014; as well as give you something to add to your play list. As someone who loves EDM I also hope to share a passion for the power of music in general. I’m fuelled on a daily basis by music of all genres. Dance music and the culture that goes along with it shaped me at key moments in my life and as I continue to evolve with age the appreciation of a good DJ set, well produced track, a killer venue that houses it’s followers for a night of dancing, will always affect me in a unique way. It’s time to build new memories, moments, and experiences with the Global Groove Network in 2014. I plan on visiting my journals on a more regular basis as we gear up for our film release so stay tuned! A big thank you to all the people who continue to support us as this journey to the masses continues. For all the new people that discover us as we expand and become available to experience on ITUNES in the new year - I hope to give back to a feeling that we all experience in some way with music and the medium of visual storytelling. Welcome to the Network; the Global Groove Network. Find us on the web, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud at - @groovetheglobe – and stay up to date with our upcoming content and news!