Monday, July 10, 2006

Global Groove Network - Journal entry #3

June 26th

The festival has just ended and it was a hell of a weekend. To give you an idea of how big this thing is I’m going to throw you some numbers. They estimate the city of Toronto basically doubles in size during the 3 day weekend. About 2 million people from around the world come in to show off their pride and lets just say due to our Canadian ways we let the city be as loose as they want to be… don’t be surprised by the visuals lets leave it at that. The one thing that is really cool though about the festivities is how all cultures both hetero and homo come together and accept one another as who we are... people. There is no crimes, no issues, nothing; it really is nice to see and it really reflects the message of my film because the dance culture has such a big impact and use during the festival. There are several stages set up in parking lots along Church Street that feature d-jays from early day into the evening. Along with that there are several parties throughout the city that have guest d-jays and dance floors that stay alive until the next day with patrons. The tribal sensibilities are in full force and to see people of all nationalities and sexes dancing together and celebrating is truly an amazing thing to see.

What excited me the most during this weekend was the chance to get to know a d-jay I’ve admired and enjoyed watching over the past ten -years. His name is David Morales… he’s from Brooklyn New York originally, has a Grammy award under his belt, and has played all over the world for the past 20 years. He just recently opened a club called Sonic in Toronto and is trying to redefine the dance scene here in the city. From experience we have a great crowd of people who appreciate this medium of music but lately we have lost our way a bit… I look forward to the direction and venue he brings.

So the interview… Let’s just say it was an amazing 40 minutes and you’ll have to wait. He had so much to say and he was an interesting person to get to know… I look forward to highlighting it for you the audience along with the parties he plays.

Along with that interview I got to see Eric again. He’s just as I remembered him but grown up with responsibilities. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and the first gay friend I ever had. What was cool about our crew at East Sides was the acceptance; we never judged and we embraced the differences that everyone had. The time at East Sides was a big deal to Eric because he still hadn’t come out to his parents. He moved from a small town to the city and it was the first time in his life where he felt he didn’t need to pretend. During the time he spent at East Sides he came out to his parents and we got the moment and story on tape… again to see it you’ll have to stay tuned but I can say one thing it is moving and I know people out there have had similar struggles… I always enjoyed going out to the clubs and dancing with Eric and the others… Eric’s energy was great and it really contributed to the family.

The weekend was a success… Montreal is next where were going to be featuring some female D-jays from the San Francisco label OM records. These two ladies DJ Heather and DJ Collette are an amazing powerhouse behind the wheels and the voice on Miss Collette as she does vocals over her mixes is to die for… these gals are sexy and stylish and know how to get a crowd going… should be fun.

Global Groove Network - Journal entry #2

May 28th

I just got back from my weekend excursion from LA and it was successful from some points but it was a dead end from others. Knowing I was only going to be down for a few days on this particular trip I wanted my focus to be on tracking down a couple of particular people from my old days at East Side Mario’s. I knew I would be back later in the fall to do some interviews and studio and club time with some d-jays but it was more important that I find these people. The two individuals in question were Shaun and Mike…

Shaun is one of my best friends from those days and he has grown to be an accomplished actor over the years. With two series leads in Canada and a stint on General Hospital he has worked constantly in the film and television industry which is a major thing because it’s so hard to crack the barrier of wannabe and professional. We have been good friends from the beginning and even though we might not see one another as much as we like we are able to pick up where we left off every time… we had such good times at some of those parties as well as the work environment in the past… he also was one of the guys who introduced me to Drum and Bass which was a another fascinating genre of music within the community we belonged. I remember when he would freestyle vocals at people’s parties with another friend you’ll get to meet Robby… or as he likes to me known in that world DJ Wigs. He was the easy person to connect with… we had some good stories and I look forward to sharing them with all of you.

Now Mike is another story… we used to be super close until an incident happened that put a divider between us. The incident in question won’t be revealed yet… you’ll have to watch it when the film comes out. Mike and I used to do every thing together and I met him at East Sides. The raves and the parties were a big thing and we loved getting the group together and going out to dance the night away after work. I haven’t seen him in years and now he’s all grown up, married, and a chiropractor for the rich folk of Orange County. It doesn’t surprise me though… he’s a good guy and I’m sure the female clientele must be piling up due to his blond ken doll perfection.

Was I able to track him down? Not yet… My info wasn’t reliable so I have to go back to the drawing board… I have another source to find his number so it shouldn’t be to hard… I can’t wait until I see his face when I knock on that door… it will be interesting. I look forward to it.

Anyways journal… I will be in touch. The PRIDE festival in Toronto is next… one of my buddies Eric from the East Side crew I’m meeting with as well as David Morales. I’m filming a promotional video for one of the sponsors but this will truly be more then just that… the Morales interview and parties… this man has truly seen it all in the underground scene as well as commercial spectrum... I'm sure he has some great perspective on the community... I can’t wait!