Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reflection vs Progress

December 9th

The holidays are fast approaching and as I step back to take a breath and reflect on the year that has just past, I’m trying to figure out where my head is at. We have had lots of ups and downs with this Global Groove Network adventure and I’m just having one of those days of question. I was trying to figure out what I should talk about in this particular entry. Reflection came to mind but I almost don’t want to put myself in that head space right now. Progress seems like the better topic to chat about but again, my head is all over the map today trying to tell myself, where am I exactly?

Reflection and Progress… two states of mind that have their own unique differences and parallels. I have come to know this as the two driving forces in my life right now that keep my mind on a constant see-saw of emotion. How is it as humans that we feel so much? Sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off and not think about this project but I’m consumed with it. The passion is good, don’t get me wrong, but it really starts to eat away at you as every roadblock or new challenge that presents itself amplifies the continual frustration of making a project like this come to life. I love what I’m doing but it takes a little away from me each day because of the amount of stress required to fulfill a dream.

I just turned 33 on November 19th and as we approach the New Year, this will mark 3 years in the making. I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished and what is available on our site. I really feel we’ve captured the essence of the electronic scene with GGN. The d-jays, the promoters, the club goers, as well as new scenes that I’ve been exposed to as I’ve traveled the world are life experiences. I get stressed and writing my thoughts out and sharing with the general public helps me control my see-saw that I continually ride… I’m looking forward to writing my next entry come the New Year, with hopefully some more insightful thoughts on the projects progress. Sometimes just spitting out thoughts randomly like I have helps me think clearly… for now I have to keep those ideas to myself but I promise I will share in the near future.

Until the next time… my suggestion is to check out the site and take a peak at the amazing content that is available, including our newest segment on my adventures in Ibiza. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Are you listening?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ibiza becomes a reality...

October 15th, 2008

We just past the half way point of the month I always look forward to, October. The reason for my passion for October is because it has been bookmarked for life as a special time within my existence. The two biggest passions in my life right now, my wife and this documentary project, both found their beginnings during this time. My wife and I met at a DJ Dan event at This Is London on October 6th two years ago and the year prior to that date, I decided to mortgage my life on the Global Groove Network idea. This year has been no different in its big puzzle pieces known as my life and since my last entry a lot has changed and progress has been the theme.

As the summer was winding down I had been in a stale mate position with playing the waiting game for television pilot pitching and working a second job to pay down debt while the documentary editing was just puttering along. I hadn’t had an opportunity to go out an interview people and get more of my ducks in order due to the fact I was working 50 hours a week, with a lot of nights in that mix, and also waiting patiently about Europe and financially planning my next step. As the last weeks of August sped up, as time always seems to do, I just made a pact with myself to stop waiting and get back to it. September is always that great time to focus once again. My mind always had that time remembered as the beginning of my school year and I wanted to be active mentally. The hard work of September would always pay off and give October a big moment in some way. This year was no different…

September involved interviews with Lee Burridge, Honey Dijon, reshoots, and the biggest score of them all… the green light for IBIZA. This trip was the icing on the cake and an experience I was able to capture on film and am truly excited about putting together and highlighting within the film as well as showcase on the site.

Ibiza involved several components which were a lot to accomplish for one person but I was up for the challenge. With only a week to plan and enough money to send just me, I had a lot of hats to wear and a long voyage overseas which lasted 24 hours, 2 planes, 2 buses, 7 hour lay-overs, rental cars with shitty maps, and 7 hour time differences that was just wonderful on my body. When I actually arrived on the island, stress was my first emotional moment I got to deal with. It took me a moment to adjust but finally after a hot shower, some cool Scottish folk’s hospitality, and a mini club in my hotel with great staff and cold beer, I was back on track…

The trip was a whirlwind lasting 4 days on the island which included the DJ Awards, up close and personal with Sander Klienenberg at Café Mambo and PACHA, a sunset at Café Del Mar, interviews with Richie Hawtan, Adam Beyer, Lenny Ibizarre, along with just culture intake and the most rejuvenating moment finishing the trip, the journey to the rocks of Atlantis. The experience was intense, eye opening, and a great chapter to this journey I’ve been on to accomplish this narrative chapter in my life.

As I began to look at the footage a week later after I got back, it just began to sink in that I got to do this. It’s hard to describe these kind of moments in your life because the stress of succeeding and accomplishing your goals. These goals are not really clear when you go to a strange land because of the element of chance creates a sense of doubt in your mind. Most of my moments were last minute green lights and the rest was just stories told to you of where to go. Would it be worth it? Would the gods help you out? I had a day where it rained and some how I still pulled out a sunset on film even though that was a day that might have been lost and a sunset might have not been in the cards. The gods gave that to me… at some point you start feeling fate is having a hand in this process.

The fall will be an interesting transition as October always seems to begin the cycle. With last minute interviews in place with big names like Carl Cox and an editing schedule that is picking up pace to wrap this project up; this will be an amazing close to 2008.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why we do what we do?

August 5, 2008

The summer has reached its midway point and as you lay out game plans you begin to understand that you can’t always get what you want. June had its ups and downs since that last entry with Donald Glaude ending up being a flake and constant roadblocks to go through to keep the documentary on track for wrap up at the end of this year. Time goes by so fast and sometimes I feel I can’t keep these goals in tact. This is life; this is reality; I’m dealing with it… as we all do.

I’ve decided to take a break from the interviewing until September while I focus this month on the editing of the gathered material thus far. My editor and I were going through tapes to put out a new trailer and its funny how you can see a significant chapter of your life with this gathered footage. I’ve been working on this project for over two years now and by the time were done it will be at the three year mark with potential for many more years to come with the TV show. I have a deep love for this music and scene but the drain sometimes gets to me. Passion can be chaos but I believe it’s for a greater good. I plan on delivering to the public something that means a lot to me and I hope it will mean something to the participants and to the fans and newcomers to the culture who watch this when were done. In the meantime this new trailer will give you a taste of how this project has evolved and started to take shape. Take a peak if you have an opportunity… it’s just a click away at :

This particular entry is a short one as I wait on confirmations for Europe in September, dates on studio time with talent, and follow up interviews with some professors and promoters. The plan is to get all this done before the end of August which time will only tell; This chapter is one of many… until we open the book again; are you listening?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The summer begins...

June 15st, 2008

A couple of months have gone by since my last entry and life has certainly changed and evolved with time… I’ve always longed for change throughout my life, I feel it keeps me sharp and aware of the life I’m leading and wake’s me up when you begin to stall with routine. As of late I’ve felt that stalling and monotonous routine that plagues everyone at some point. The waiting game for the television show pitches, the reality of running low on funds to film, and having to work my ass off nightly in a bar to keep the cash flow coming to support my dream. Along with this my wife and I have had to endure a stalker who intermittently hides behind an email address and talks about fucking my wife, and living out their twisted fantasy of trying to cause havoc in our life. It’s truly sad because the cops can’t do anything because of the ease of hiding within the internet community and using your computer as a weapon… my wife and I laugh at it as that is all we can do but you really have to wonder about people in this day in age. Who the hell has the time to sit at home and stew in their own craziness and think of ways to write dialogue that is truly a joke when you come to think of it. This person is sure not Hemmingway in their comment structure and sometimes I believe that school is failing our youth when it comes to the English language. Its ‘good’ not ‘gooder’. My teaching ends here you freak…

On a better note, we just moved and the reboot to the system with a new locale, new interviews and events for GGN, a finalized production deal, and being that much closer to finishing the documentary, life is back on track!

I want to give you the line up for this last couple of months in the life of GGN. The network had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with some incredible talents in their own genre within the electronic scene, Benny Benassi and Christopher Lawrence. Both these talents are veterans within the scene and have been producing music and traveling the world playing for millions of people of all race and religion. The sit down with these two was a great piece to add to the GGN web pages and give you the fan some insight on what the message we keep pushing is, connection. Both Benny and Christopher opened up and really enlightened the message GGN represents through their experiences and time within the community. Both these artists are at the top their game and are among the elite who get to live the dream of touching a crowd country to country and continent to continent. The interviews we have done will be available soon on the site but in the meantime you can visit and grab some killer mixes and new posted material that focuses on the lives of Nic Fanciulli and Terry Mullan. Both these artists I’ve talked about in past entries and to present you, the fan, with some new videos for your viewing pleasure are always a treat!

As we move into the summer and the touring really starts to pick up, my plan is to give you the network some great material for FREE on the site. I have interviews lined up with Donald Glaude and more to come. Along with this month of madness we will be doing some great intimate events throughout the summer that will give members a chance to have a personal moment with some great global talent. The pitches will be in full swing and the editing of our documentary will take us into the fall as I gear up for a trip to Europe in September. The money is being set aside and the final component of the doc is waiting for me in the UK and Ibiza… this will truly be a life changing moment for both me and the viewer.

Until we chat again… ARE YOU LISTENING?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A New Year Has Begun ...

March 25th, 2008

March Madness is the title I’ve given this period of time in my annual calendar and no I’m not referring to college basketball. It seems that every year around this time a lot ends up on the plate and it becomes the beginning of the fiscal year for GGN due to its original birth date. It’s been officially two years since we began and as per usual, the grand plans for this network has evolved and figuring out its strategy for reaching the masses keeps shifting. Now usually this journal entry would involve stories of WMC, which begins this week in South Beach Miami, but due to our financial commitments GGN has to sit this one out. It was a touch decision but with the TV show beginning its pitch rounds in the coming month and full tilt editing with the documentary, I had to make a choice. Now I’m very excited about these developments and the process of getting things to the big and small screen but to miss out on sun and great beats still sucks… next year!

Nic Faniculli… I just wanted to start with this name because I was blown away by this UK artist. Last month I mentioned I was going to interview him at the Guvernment in Toronto and let me say that his set was something that really blew me away. It was my first time seeing this d-jay live and he lived up to his mixed taped sets that I had heard up to that point. On top of this great mix, he ended up being a hell of a guy! We chatted for about 30 minutes and he really opened up and had a lot of insightful things to say on the scene of both past and present. This is someone you should look out for… he really has the goods behind the decks as well as just a genuine soul. The interview will be posted soon so make sure you look out for it!

Lee Burridge… I don’t have a lot to say yet on this guy due to a family emergency. I had to cancel my interview but I do promise he will get in front of the cameras soon when he’s back in Toronto. I’m a huge fan and even though I haven’t had the personal moment to gage a proper opinion I can tell you this… the boy knows how to mix! In the meantime I will have to just keep listening to the MP3’s I have available and again if you have some time to download some of his sets or buy his music you won’t be disappointed! Stay in tune with this beat master; he has a sound that is distinct and full of emotion.

Now in terms of filming this month my adventures were a little thin. I found this month was more devoted to editing and footage review for the documentary. The one thing that I did do that is certainly note worthy was visit Ithaca College in New York State. Now the reason for my trip was to film an anthropology class where I arranged with the professor an open forum type discussion class that talked about the tribal tendencies and affects of music on connectivity between people. The class consisted of 20 students and discussion questions were provided prior along with a viewing of the TV pilot in order to achieve some real thought from this generation of students on what this type of music in general provides as a connection and communication tool to the individuals who embrace this culture. The class was a big hit and we got a lot of interesting feedback on the scene as well as just general references of other types of musical festivals and events that create these environments for people to connect. I’m really excited to incorporate this with my other anthropology angles which include the POW WOW, my rainforest experience, the drum circle, as well as the upcoming interviews with some anthropologists. Theories that come to life through film is something that really intrigues me because of my visual sensibilities. I look forward to presenting it to all of you in the near future.

Well that’s it for now… I have some great interviews lined up which include Benny Benassi and Christopher Lawrence which I look forward to shooting and presenting to you the network. In the meantime the show must go on and we need to find a home for our show. If you enjoy reading these notes I have a treat for you that will not be offered anywhere else…

How would you like to check out the pilot for the TV show? This is the only place where you’ll get the link so pay attention. Just go to:

User: guest Password: groove5

I would love to get your thoughts on this…

Feel free to email me at and let me know what you think!

Until next time, ARE YOU LISTENING?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pregnancy vs Electronic Music

February 7, 2008

The alarm went off early today for me… I have had trouble sleeping over the past several weeks and finally I’m beginning to get back on track. The reason for my troubles seems to center around my regular routine of January shut down of my industry in Toronto. Film and television productions in the city is very seasonal when it comes to Hollywood North and when December starts to wind down and holidays are just around the corner, my work opportunities dry up and the bank account is left in a holding pattern of new dollar deposits. Of course the routine of withdrawal doesn’t change from my existing bill providers which leaves me in a dilemma… this dilemma has been my routine throughout my entire twenties and newly visited thirties but it’s now something that has evolved into a new type of mind games. These mind games are self inflicted of course and involve a word everyone is oh so familiar with, STRESS. My stress has reached an all time high as of late due to the fact that I’ve mortgaged both my wife and I on a vision that we both feel strongly about, but still have steps to go to reach that pot of gold. Our bank accounts are nearly empty, debt is in the six figures, my wife and I have a few jobs on the go and it’s still barely enough to keep a float and still move forward… but we still push on with confidence in what we want to bring to the masses. I can’t tell you how much I love my wife and how much I appreciate the support she has provided me up to this point… the basket case that she has to deal with in my moments of stress and crisis can be a pain in the ass but she always calms me down before I become a facilitator of mayhem in my own mind. I thank you for that… xoxo.

With all that being said, I do have good news on top of all the stress which revolves around the television spin off series. The show is just about ready for presentation and I have a few parties interested in getting involved. With these opportunities on the horizon I’m still plugging away at editing the documentary and updating the website as we get closer to the end result so it can’t be all bad? The journey has decided to go the way it needs to go and my happiness shines brighter then my inflicted mental chaos even if it knocks me around a little.

Taking this perspective and stepping back from the stress that has been building over the last couple of months really came to fruition this past weekend when I got back from a film expedition in South Carolina. Columbia SC was the setting for my chapter involving the OBGYN and my theories of connection and communication between mother and baby during its term in the womb. I truly believe that the rhythm and beat of the heart has an affect on how the child connects to the mother. With my camera and questions ready, under the guidance of the doctor and ultra stenographer, I captured 3 stages of pregnancy and was happy and surprised in a surreal manner as my theories had some real basis. My best way to describe this to the mothers out there as well as people who genuinely find human connection interesting is picture the womb as a dance club while the heartbeat becomes the d-jay for the growing life that inhabits this environment. The sounds, the rhythms, the tempo, and the overall connection it creates is undeniable in its pre-linguistic type communication between the two. Of course this is all theory but to experience and witness it makes you feel something inside that can’t be described in words but can be categorized as ‘The Big Picture’. This truly changed me overnight and allowed me to find a sense of bliss in this financial turmoil that has been stressing me out. The ‘Big’ picture is truly something I want to live by when creating my art which is film and television as well as how I want to perceive on going situations that present themselves in my life. This is truly an experience…

This is all I got for you this month but I have a lot more of the sociology aspects of my mission statement to film this coming month as well as a few more d-jays including Lee Burridge and Nic Faniculli… The Global Groove Network is alive and well people!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

The new year has begun...

January 9th

This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life… as always this seems to be the title of my story every time January comes around. Why is it that we always need that official starting point in order to keep our lives in check and with purpose? I’ve always wondered why it has to be defined in the starter month to a new year. Shouldn’t we look at everyday as that starting point? That is the philosophy I want to uphold this year… each day has it’s own adventure and after a relaxing holiday and a crazy couple of months to end my 2007, it’s time to maximize the year that will truly define my dreams realizing their full fruition.

Let me recap for you the chaos that is my life and the passion that I’ve given birth to, GGN. With every dream you have to dissect it into many levels and challenges. I’m approaching the two year mark in March on the original execution of conception of my documentary and the ride has been nothing but amazing, stressful, enlightening, heart-breaking, and eventful. Everything you can imagine of pursuing a dream in full gear has happened on this journey of discovery for me, including the highlight last year, meeting my soul mate and marrying her. The electronic music culture has opened its doors to me and allowed me to capture the message of family and connection we feel when we let music speak to us. The excitement that I’ve witnessed and have been fortunate enough to create with my reunion and parties has had an affect on me. You carry around an idea that you hope will connect with people and as 2007 wound down I could honestly say that message has begun reaching the masses. With the use of the internet, support from friends, the artists, and participants within the scene, GGN is becoming a new staple in the global electronic community. I thank you for this on going support and please spread the word… this is more then a brand, it’s a movement.

Now to get you up to speed of the closing months of 2007 let me start off by saying this was the most exciting of the shoot thus far. The reunion of my old crew had had many false starts throughout the year and a couple of moments I had my doubts that we would be able to pull this off. My friends were scattered throughout Canada and the United States and by some miracle I was able to track down and run into each one of them through fate and pure coincidence. The date was set November 30th at This Is London in Toronto with one of the talents that defined our dance floor antics, DJ Dan. The stage was set for everyone to meet at my place for dinner and drinks for the first time at 7pm that day and as I woke up in the morning to go pick up DJ Dan from the airport, it all began to sink in with anticipation. This reunion was two years in the making and like any dream; it never feels real until the day of. I was excited, nervous, and impatient for the night to begin. Would everyone get along still? Would the spirit of this separated family find its home again? The answers were only hours away from being addressed…

The clock struck 7pm and the doorbell starting ringing… The group: Mike, Chad, Grant, Eric, Sol, and Richie strolled in through out the first hour as I prepared dinner and all I can say is it was business as usual! Without missing a step this group of individuals gelled together like the old days with a little more life experience and wisdom guiding each one of their lighthouses. As the night carried on, the group reconnected and as we sat I just took in the moment. It was truly amazing and memorable… for now it’s my memory and that’s all I want to share. I have several more months to keep this personal which I’m excited about. When I’m ready to share more with you on this you will be the first to know… the film is winding down with the shooting and now were pushing forward in the editing department. This is the next phase in my journey with other minor chapters to capture for the story… I can’t help but get misty eyed as this gets closer.

I promise more frequent updates and thoughts as the winter month’s move forward. That new chapter I’ve started demands it! In the meantime hit the site and experience the journey and spirit of this movement in a more intimate and revealing setting… I promise it has that power to change you through it’s music and message if you let it.

Until we meet again… GGN is on the air! Are you listening?