Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The summer begins...

June 15st, 2008

A couple of months have gone by since my last entry and life has certainly changed and evolved with time… I’ve always longed for change throughout my life, I feel it keeps me sharp and aware of the life I’m leading and wake’s me up when you begin to stall with routine. As of late I’ve felt that stalling and monotonous routine that plagues everyone at some point. The waiting game for the television show pitches, the reality of running low on funds to film, and having to work my ass off nightly in a bar to keep the cash flow coming to support my dream. Along with this my wife and I have had to endure a stalker who intermittently hides behind an email address and talks about fucking my wife, and living out their twisted fantasy of trying to cause havoc in our life. It’s truly sad because the cops can’t do anything because of the ease of hiding within the internet community and using your computer as a weapon… my wife and I laugh at it as that is all we can do but you really have to wonder about people in this day in age. Who the hell has the time to sit at home and stew in their own craziness and think of ways to write dialogue that is truly a joke when you come to think of it. This person is sure not Hemmingway in their comment structure and sometimes I believe that school is failing our youth when it comes to the English language. Its ‘good’ not ‘gooder’. My teaching ends here you freak…

On a better note, we just moved and the reboot to the system with a new locale, new interviews and events for GGN, a finalized production deal, and being that much closer to finishing the documentary, life is back on track!

I want to give you the line up for this last couple of months in the life of GGN. The network had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with some incredible talents in their own genre within the electronic scene, Benny Benassi and Christopher Lawrence. Both these talents are veterans within the scene and have been producing music and traveling the world playing for millions of people of all race and religion. The sit down with these two was a great piece to add to the GGN web pages and give you the fan some insight on what the message we keep pushing is, connection. Both Benny and Christopher opened up and really enlightened the message GGN represents through their experiences and time within the community. Both these artists are at the top their game and are among the elite who get to live the dream of touching a crowd country to country and continent to continent. The interviews we have done will be available soon on the site but in the meantime you can visit and grab some killer mixes and new posted material that focuses on the lives of Nic Fanciulli and Terry Mullan. Both these artists I’ve talked about in past entries and to present you, the fan, with some new videos for your viewing pleasure are always a treat!

As we move into the summer and the touring really starts to pick up, my plan is to give you the network some great material for FREE on the site. I have interviews lined up with Donald Glaude and more to come. Along with this month of madness we will be doing some great intimate events throughout the summer that will give members a chance to have a personal moment with some great global talent. The pitches will be in full swing and the editing of our documentary will take us into the fall as I gear up for a trip to Europe in September. The money is being set aside and the final component of the doc is waiting for me in the UK and Ibiza… this will truly be a life changing moment for both me and the viewer.

Until we chat again… ARE YOU LISTENING?

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