Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another year... and I finally can see the finish line!

November 24, 2009

I woke this morning and felt the cold breeze drift through our bedroom as I got ready to go workout. The clock read 5.30am and the sun was still asleep; I thought to myself thank god for my wife and her dedication to the human sweat shop known as the gym. I just turned 34 last weekend and sometimes it’s a tough haul to get out of bed at 530 at this age. Extra sleep is valued, especially as you get older. The gym can be secondary in terms of priorities but we know we need to make it first sometimes. Thank you to my sexy wife and her kick me in the ass drive to keep me going! Xo; Thinking about age and the way time flies by can be very over whelming but we have to keep pushing to achieve what we want in life.

This film is approaching its fourth year in production and as the finish line comes into focus, I can’t help but see hope! Don’t get me wrong we still have well over a year before it’s complete but finally the story has become clear and the checklist makes complete sense. The documentary is a passion piece and I wanted to make sure the message made sense. With over 60 interviews thus far, 250 hours of footage, and an aggressive shooting schedule awaiting me in 2010 I’ve really cleared my mind and have become focused once again. The film has taken its toll with all its positive and negative experiences. Disappointments have happened more often then not and unforeseen delays and trying to keep ahead of the debt has been a mental mind game for me to beat. This is an expression of me; this is a chapter in my life; this is my love letter to a community that has given me so much. I know it will be worth it.

The year is coming to an end and as I thought about our seasonal update to the site, the interviews that I had just lined up as well as shot, it made me feel a passion that had been missing. The daily grind can take a lot out of you and as we start to forget what makes us feel alive we need to revisit that fire that burns inside all of us. The art of film making, story telling, and giving people a snap shot reality experience that affects them emotionally is truly remarkable. This is my passion and I love this part of my life and how it makes me feel. As 2010 rolls into town so to speak, I have prepared for the end. This is the year that I want to figure out how to pull this film over the finish line and get it out to the public. Grant submissions are in the works yet again as well as new options for the TV series have made themselves available to pitch. The recession hit everywhere and as our industry loses money through piracy and PVR, the networks are taking less-risks on programming. The pitch process, especially for a NICH type program like GGN, has an up hill battle. I know my approach to the d-jay has general appeal but figuring out the right fit and network is still in play. If you haven’t checked out our pilot please feel free to go to the site and check it out in the downloads section. The link: www.groovetheglobe.com

Along with this pilot we have added a lot of additional mixes, interviews, and our newest section, THE SPOTLIGHT. One spot in particular in the spotlight section is our new community perspective page. The idea of the community perspective page is to give the global community a chance to get their thoughts on the scene out to our network. With 5000 members and counting your voice will be heard to the people who truly appreciate comments on this culture. Great stories, great perspective, and suggestions of what to check out on line and in the club is what were looking for. We want you to be heard!!

You never know who reads these blog’s but you hope that the few people who do will understand why we write opinion, go after dreams, and talk to the faceless community that exists on line. We are connected more then ever through the internet and the written word has a place to be appreciated. The process of life and going after your dreams is something we all go through. My hopes with some of these thoughts are that you know you’re not alone if you’re having a bad run of luck with your process. If today happens to be a bad one as you read this you need only do one thing; Get into that music collection, select that mix that puts the smile back on your face, and give yourself an hour of bliss and recovery. It’s always good to recharge and as we all know the power of music is something not to be missed.

until next time…