Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another year... and I finally can see the finish line!

November 24, 2009

I woke this morning and felt the cold breeze drift through our bedroom as I got ready to go workout. The clock read 5.30am and the sun was still asleep; I thought to myself thank god for my wife and her dedication to the human sweat shop known as the gym. I just turned 34 last weekend and sometimes it’s a tough haul to get out of bed at 530 at this age. Extra sleep is valued, especially as you get older. The gym can be secondary in terms of priorities but we know we need to make it first sometimes. Thank you to my sexy wife and her kick me in the ass drive to keep me going! Xo; Thinking about age and the way time flies by can be very over whelming but we have to keep pushing to achieve what we want in life.

This film is approaching its fourth year in production and as the finish line comes into focus, I can’t help but see hope! Don’t get me wrong we still have well over a year before it’s complete but finally the story has become clear and the checklist makes complete sense. The documentary is a passion piece and I wanted to make sure the message made sense. With over 60 interviews thus far, 250 hours of footage, and an aggressive shooting schedule awaiting me in 2010 I’ve really cleared my mind and have become focused once again. The film has taken its toll with all its positive and negative experiences. Disappointments have happened more often then not and unforeseen delays and trying to keep ahead of the debt has been a mental mind game for me to beat. This is an expression of me; this is a chapter in my life; this is my love letter to a community that has given me so much. I know it will be worth it.

The year is coming to an end and as I thought about our seasonal update to the site, the interviews that I had just lined up as well as shot, it made me feel a passion that had been missing. The daily grind can take a lot out of you and as we start to forget what makes us feel alive we need to revisit that fire that burns inside all of us. The art of film making, story telling, and giving people a snap shot reality experience that affects them emotionally is truly remarkable. This is my passion and I love this part of my life and how it makes me feel. As 2010 rolls into town so to speak, I have prepared for the end. This is the year that I want to figure out how to pull this film over the finish line and get it out to the public. Grant submissions are in the works yet again as well as new options for the TV series have made themselves available to pitch. The recession hit everywhere and as our industry loses money through piracy and PVR, the networks are taking less-risks on programming. The pitch process, especially for a NICH type program like GGN, has an up hill battle. I know my approach to the d-jay has general appeal but figuring out the right fit and network is still in play. If you haven’t checked out our pilot please feel free to go to the site and check it out in the downloads section. The link: www.groovetheglobe.com

Along with this pilot we have added a lot of additional mixes, interviews, and our newest section, THE SPOTLIGHT. One spot in particular in the spotlight section is our new community perspective page. The idea of the community perspective page is to give the global community a chance to get their thoughts on the scene out to our network. With 5000 members and counting your voice will be heard to the people who truly appreciate comments on this culture. Great stories, great perspective, and suggestions of what to check out on line and in the club is what were looking for. We want you to be heard!!

You never know who reads these blog’s but you hope that the few people who do will understand why we write opinion, go after dreams, and talk to the faceless community that exists on line. We are connected more then ever through the internet and the written word has a place to be appreciated. The process of life and going after your dreams is something we all go through. My hopes with some of these thoughts are that you know you’re not alone if you’re having a bad run of luck with your process. If today happens to be a bad one as you read this you need only do one thing; Get into that music collection, select that mix that puts the smile back on your face, and give yourself an hour of bliss and recovery. It’s always good to recharge and as we all know the power of music is something not to be missed.

until next time…



Monday, July 06, 2009

peaks and valleys

July 6th 2009

Looking back at these journal entries its funny how much time adds up in such a short amount of words and description. Memories are shuffled away and rekindled with a sentence that brings us back to a moment from the past. This journal / blog have been a roller coaster ride of memories that have been both positive and negative. I’ve reached that valley once again with an upswing that I hope to begin right away as we continue into the summer. Let me get you up to speed of the last few months first…

Since my last entry I mentioned that I was on my way once again to WMC in Miami to enjoy some of the sun and fun as well as have a light workload of footage gathering for the film. This did take place and I truly did have a great time with my wife and two of our close friends who came down and met up with us for a few days. I met a new list of contacts, got some great interviews, and added to the site in terms of the talent roster. The trip was a success and this was a very positive experience. The site was just updated for our summer edition and I’m happy to say you’ll find some great new mixes and talent that we managed to meet while we were in South Beach. The NYC scene became the featured sound this month with d-jays such as Cevin Fisher, Lenny Fontana, and Hector Romero as they added some pod cast material for you the network. These contagious beats became a great addition to my I-pod and hopefully you’ll take advantage and make them part of yours!

After Miami I got back with a plan for the film and with the help of my beautiful wife and my editing team, the plan was set in motion to lock down a completion grant to pull this project over the finish line. Several dates were coming up for grants but the one we had our eye on was at the end of May. It was a lot of work in a short period of time but we felt that if we pushed it we could make it happen. Everything began with delay, as it always tends to do when you’re in a rush, but we got through the paperwork and waited on letters and material from others to fill out the package. These grants can be an unbelievable process of crazy government forms, budgets that have to be thought out to the penny, and loads of writing and visual material to support an idea you feel you’re the only one who truly believes in. This process is something I don’t wish upon anybody. I mean it can be something that almost crushes your dreams in a sense. All this work, all this material, could mean nothing to a board who decides the fate of your project. They don’t care that I’ve mortgaged my life and my wife’s on a passion that at this point in the process has become more of a nightmare. My wallet is empty along with my bank account… I work to live and finish a passion project that hasn’t gotten financial support yet. I still have a big hill to climb but something keeps telling me to go. This grant would be the life line I need and a group of people I never get to meet in person get to decide my future… What’s not to love!

As the date approached for the grant we were in rough shape. The new trailer that was planned was way behind and it didn’t look good in terms of the deadline. The real nail in the coffin happened just after when we found out that they changed some of the stipulations two weeks before the deadline. The marketing partners component changed we were dead in the water because we needed more time to fix this problem. Set back number 1005 had happened but hey fuck it, I’m not quitting. New dates, new goals, most of the work is already done for the proposal, it’s only a matter of time we have all our ducks in a row. In the meantime I have stuff to work on with this project in order to move it forward. The lack of a team creates roadblocks but it’s learning curve they I get taught everyday. It’s very frustrating but it comes with the territory when you’re trying to achieve any dream you set for yourself. I will win the war!!

Beyond our grant troubles I feel I’ve been making the best of the situation and been able to push our GGN brand forward by planning some events. Our first big party is coming up in a couple of weeks in the shape of a boat cruise! I’ve always wanted to throw this kind of party and I think we should have a good one if all goes well! We’ve booked Fred Everything, Hatiras, and Cam Maxwell for a past to present retrospect of house music for the masses. Along with my partners on this event, Partypm.com, I’ve put a lot of effort in to securing some great promoters and getting involved with some great people in order to have a successful event. It’s not about the money on this one… as long as we break even and execute a great event I’m relaxed. This is about getting the GGN name out there to my home town crowd. I want to throw maybe 3 events a year but make them unique and memorable. The cruise will be deep and dirty with some nostalgia to boot in the music being blasted! I can’t wait!! I plan on recording the mixes and making them into pod casts so stay tuned!!!

For more details on the event please check out: http://houseboatretrospect.blogspot.com/

The summer continues and that means you need some new music! The new update has been done and we have lots of great new mixes from some amazing d-jays from all over the world!!! Load up your I-pod, take a peak at some of our new videos, and hopefully if your in the Toronto area you might be able to find some time to join us on the high seas in July!

Until the next update! Are you listening?


Friday, February 20, 2009

Is creativity seasonal?

February 18th 2009

The snow is coming down like cats and dogs as I sit by the window watching this winter wonderland come to life. It’s a new year with new goals and nothing inspires me more then a cold blanket of snow filling the streets below. Most people say that the cold is something that blinds creativity. The shorter days, the lack of interest in going outside and of course the gloom that people express emotionally in the winter tends to be a downer. This to me is not the case. I seem to play the game in reverse due to the fact that I find the sun and patio sessions the easiest distraction to get away from a computer screen. The winter I embrace, especially the months that follow the Christmas holidays. I find my creativity goes in cycles and this particular time between now and May is some of my best moments for giving birth to new and improved ideas. I think my reasoning behind my brain storming is I always feel like I’m beginning again with the new year and I can focus. I’ve usually made a conscious decision to change something in my life and I always aim to get a deadline on track. This year I decided to quit smoking which has been easier then I thought and I’m finally in the editing room with the 100’s of hours of footage in front of me ready to make a documentary. The only other time of year that gives me this kick start is September which I think is because of that school year mentality that we were programmed with. January and February tend be longer bursts of creativity for me then these particular months but it’s always nice to know where your head is at. Everyone is different I guess but one things is true for me, I’m truly embracing this moment.

So let me take you through my winter thus far and give you some thoughts and stories on what I’m up to with the world known as GGN. This has been a long process as I stated in my various entries and I’m finally coming up on the 3 year mark which will fall on March 24th. This date was my first visit to the Winter Music Conference in South Beach Miami when I decided to take a chance on an idea for a documentary. I remember it like yesterday and as I prepare myself for another adventure in a months time, I can’t believe I’ve managed to put together what I’ve done. Thanks to credit card money, bartending tips, film jobs, and random pick up work that most people would cringe at, this project is alive and well. This documentary has been financed by no big studio, no big bank, no private investor, and has a lot of blood sweat and tears put into it by myself as well as others who have been generous with their time when they can. My debt is in the 6 figures and it still has more to go to take it over the finish line in post production. I’m applying for a grant which comes up in May but there are no guarantees; it’s always a crap shoot. The only thing I can have faith in with this grant proposal is that we have put extra care into creating the GGN brand. The site has truly evolved over this 3 year time period and with what we have to offer in terms of content, style, and approach on the site, this will certainly give us a greater chance for consideration. The film will move forward nonetheless and as each image and storyline comes to life in the studio, I can’t help but be proud of what is coming together. The story has made such an evolution in its original concept. Beyond the sociology topics were examining, a history and examination in the progression of this scene as related to the world around us has come to life. This film is becoming more then just about electronic music; it’s a time capsule.

The internet has been a fascination of mine since we began this journey years ago. It has always given back in terms of allowing global communication through email and as we try and give back to the public with our site, we have been evolving our presentation. We want to be connected with our public and the Global Groove Network is just that, a network. Our main goal is to become a partner with several brands that have the same mission statement as us and help one another create awareness for this scene through unique avenues of broadcasting on line. Thus far, January has proven to be a great step in this direction and we have numerous people we are in talks with to create a stronger presence to our audience as well as just pool our resources to give back to a community we love. I feel when the film is done and we are ready to hit the film festival circuit, we will have a great opportunity to get the word out about this underground pleasure known as electronic music.

As for our television show we have currently switched sales agents in order to reach some new contacts in the television world. As the year was ending and the news from our original production partners was vague, we believed that maybe someone else might be a great approach. Thus far we feel it has been a good fit and VH1 finally is taking a look at our pilot and package with intent. My only concerns in this day and age have been what the audience wants which is not necessarily a show I’m looking to do… at least this is what some of the networks have been saying. Overall they think the pilot looks and feel’s great but because the demand for reality TV requires the STAKES element (think competition type shows) the public might not want to watch. I would like to think that some audiences out there have a brain but our culture seems to like to ingest the safe, mindless, emotionally charged type programming in this particular genre of television. I have a few ideas that I’m playing with when we meet with VH1 again next month but hopefully this avenue doesn’t need to be pursued. I like what we’ve done but as in life compromise sometimes becomes the only answer to achieve the objective. This will be quite an interesting couple of months.

Well a new update has been done to the site and I’m proud to say we have some great new content which includes an interview with Jon Rundell, Carl Cox’s prodigy, as well as some amazing mixes from both international d-jays like Andy Caldwell and Colette, along with some rising stars on the scene from Spain and Canada. I highly recommend you download the LIVE and DIRECT pod cast from DJ Jedi and Lenny Ibizarre. These mixes are a lot of fun and great to listen to at the gym, in the car, or a make shift dance party in your house.

Winter Music Conference is next and with a scheduled interview line with some great new d-jays and producers, the content will only continue to get better on the site as well as provide some exciting new extras for the documentary. Until we meet again… ARE YOU LISTENING?