Wednesday, June 27, 2012


June 27th, 2012 As we approach the end of June and the summer has officially begun, I can’t help but start putting together some play lists for my summer soundtrack. Every year I like to reflect on the music and artists that I’ve been listening to over the course of my 35 years on this planet; it brings back memories and creates new ones, which always helps me creatively, as a writer and filmmaker. These play lists symbolize more then just genres of music but have become reflections of my collective inspiration and a journey into my perception of popular culture. This perception is something that is important to me as a filmmaker because I feel that if I want to tell a story to the world I need to understand what society is responding to. I know what I like when it comes to music but what I’ve been doing recently, is sharing with people, through the social media world to help deliver me more options. When I started this documentary process I had certain outlets to discover music. These were great outlets and still are, but as GGN has grown and I have met more people I have been introduced to many more outlets that has exposed me to some killer music. House music obviously became something of an ocean of possibilities because of the GGN brand but I started also getting exposed to a lot more stuff through people because of the message in the movie. What has been really cool, with the power of the internet and these new social media outlets, is that the art of sharing music has evolved in such a way that music has really became universal. Of course this also means garbage music can hit you in a bigger way but ultimately the positive meaningful stuff that makes it onto my I-POD is because of this stuff that is continually sent to me through GGN. This summer thus far has been particularly abundant since we finished the film in May… Dance Music in North America has blown up this year and the influence of the all mighty bass beat in pop music has been significant. I know this won’t last, because as with all cycles of musical genres, especially electronic music, it seems to implode from exposure and make its way back to the underground. I still can’t help but enjoy these moments though because right now seems like such a personal feeling of reflection because of the themes in my movie. Back in the late 90s Toronto was going through something similar with the Rave Explosion and popularity electronic music had for the generation x crowd. With big festivals like Digital Dreams and VELD being put together with big sponsorship dollars this summer, great ticket sale demand, and genuine interest in dance music from the youth of today, I feel like I’m in a time warp. The experience has evolved but it’s essentially the same. The Global Groove Network film feels incredibly relevant right now and I’m excited to screen it for audiences because I think it’s very relatable. Everyone has a soundtrack and after reading this I hope you’ll put some time in by creating your own 2012 summer soundtrack to reflect on your years down the road. What I thought might be interesting is to give you a list that I just recently created of tracks that reflect me and what I like to feel at this moment in my life. I have many play lists on my I-Pod to define my mood but what I thought would be good is to give you some tracks that are part of the soundtrack for my film. These tunes all have strong memories attached to them when I was making this documentary and if you like electronic music both chill and up beat there should be a tune or two that you’ll want for your future play lists. GGN SUMMER SOUNDTRACK – 1. Flowers – Armand Van Helden 2. Dream Machine – Mark Farina 3. Big Love – Pete Heller 4. Show me the Way – DJ Sneak 5. Bushes – Markus Nikolai 6. Riders on the Storm / Pink Solidism – Yonderboi 7. Under My Sensi – Boozoo Bajou – Satta 8. Feel Good Song – Rocket Empire 9. Cry (Just a little) – Bingo Players 10. So Much Love – Fedde Le Grand 11. Feel so Close – Calvin Harris 12. I Don’t Care – (DJ Dan re-edit) 13. We Live for the Music – Robbie Riveria 14. Back in the Wild – GreensKeepers I hope you enjoy the track selections… Everything is available on I Tunes. Support the music and the artists that make it by buying it and not pirating it. Check us out on SOUNDCLOUD for more great music and mixes from the DJs involved in the film that are available for FREE… LINK: Until next time… ARE YOU LISTENING?