Friday, July 18, 2014

THE GGN JOURNALS - A Mid-Day & Night Summer’s DREAM …

It’s been a few weeks since my colorful dream of electronic sounds, fashion forward thinkers, and killer beats from all the EDM genres past and present. This sunny backdrop set the emotional stage for my first electronic music event of the summer… Digital Dreams. I was blown away by this year’s event, the way it was run, the line up, the mood of everyone, it was truly a definition of the word PLUR. I’m excited I got a chance to bring my film crew and capture some moments, which I plan to showcase in an upcoming webisode of GGN presents - ‘Life is but a Dream’. Digital Dreams is going into its third year and I felt this was a great time to examine the festival and make a doc-episode about it. Knowing that most of the coverage would be about the DJs I thought it might be a lot more interesting if we went behind the scenes. I wanted to get the festival perspective from the people who actually bring this event to life. 80,000 people attend this each year and it continues to grow. The people I focused on were some of the Toronto scene party facilitators such as Ryan Kruger, Mark Russell, Gavin Gerbz, and Brent Hayward to name a few… What does it take to be the person who is able to wrangle the talent, the space, and the people to attend something like this? I’ve thrown parties in the past and I must say I hated it. I was always stressed about it – Will people show up? Will this be something noteworthy? Is all the work that you’re putting into this worth it??? The amount of bullshit that you usually have to go through to throw a party is mind-boggling. I always ask myself that question because it honestly leads to some of the worst anxiety I’ve ever faced… Watching it done on the level that Digital Dreams is done – as well as seeing how they have extended their creativity to bring a great event to it’s participants – is certainly a university degree achievement in my books. I’m excited to introduce the audience Electronic Nation Canada’s staff and some of the other worker bees behind Digital Dreams… This is truly a team effort. Being someone who has been witnessing and documenting the EDM scene in Toronto and around the world for the last decade for my film, I’m excited that I’ve been able to be one of the lucky one’s to witness a real evolution of what electronic music’s power can represent. Since my time in the WOMB to NOW - the grown adult I’ve become (closing in on his 40th birthday) - I’ve realized music has been a guide and history indicator in my life. I’m a lover of all music but the last 8 years I’ve been really focused on the electronic music scene and have watched from the sidelines, recording my thoughts for the film and future web episodes, and getting familiar with what seems to connect with people musically. I pride myself on understanding the power of music based on my hours dedicated to it for my work but in reality I never really think of it as work. I’m a creative person who thrives on what his environment can provide for inspiration. I’m always listening … Every task in my daily routine usually has me plugged into some sort of dance beat in the background and as I get older, it’s really starting to tie in with the memories I’m creating with my everyday life. Digital Dreams was one of those moments and I’m excited I got to capture in the way I like to be creative. As a filmmaker we thrive on the idea of telling a story or giving our audience an informal education through imagery accompanied by sound. I like to inform people with video through music and visuals … I try to be someone who doesn’t hit its audience over the head. I’m one piece to the big puzzle of information that is out there. As I get older I feel I have more to say and I’m grateful that people have made the time to watch and listen. I think we all have a voice and I’m always excited to hear those around me and learn. As I sign off I think of when I started this BLOG 8 years ago… I don’t really know who reads it but I still get inspired to keep writing it. I recently looked back at some of my past entries and I couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s nice to witness a change in my own life. I’m happily married – I still love House Music – and I’m still passionate about the path I’ve chosen in the film industry. Life can be tough but what doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger. I borrowed that … when someone has it right; Someone has it right! Until next time … Be Happy!

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